“Be the change you wish to see in the world”.


Our mission is to learn social responsibility lessons ‘by doing’ and learn sustainability lessons ‘by reflecting’.


SCIT students contributed to the notion in "Don't add Years to your life,add life to Years" by helping severely ill people at CIPLA, a palliative healthcare centre.


SCIT ISR students learned the best way to remedy urban environment is to plant tree saplings.


SCIT ISR students conducted various jovial activities for the children at "Pradnya", an NGO initiated by Mr.Pradeep Kumar,an alumnus of SCIT.


Classes for basic English and Mathematics were organized as a part of the teaching activity for students between the age group 5-15.

Community Outreach

SCIT ISR students travelled to the Jan Seva Foundation’s old age home at Panshet,

What we do?

Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology’s ISR, right from its genesis aims at making the youth believe that we all have special purpose in this life and have the potential to achieve it. We need to recognize that everything we do, every step we take, every word we speak – counts. Nothing is trivial. Our efforts at SCIT’s ISR are a contribution to the society, we thrive in and which is very dear to us.Aims to assist in betterment of underprivileged children and orphans and bringing about awareness on reducing child labor. We believe in preserving nature and strive for a pollution free clean environment through coordinated efforts of awareness and community support for the use and promotion of renewable energy, reducing waste and encouraging people to “Go Green”.

  • Aims to promote the spirit of ‘Greener business, healthier bottom line’ which focuses on the awareness among Corporate regarding Green IT; bridging the chasm between awareness and perception about Green IT.
  • Aims to instill in the young minds of India the awareness on saving electricity, water, food and promoting the use of renewable energy.
  • Aims to propagate the thought of “Save Trees” and create awareness about use of recycled paper and plantation of trees.

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