Our Mission

Learn social responsibility lessons by doing
Learn sustainability lessons by reflecting


SCIT students have contributed to the notion in "Don't add Years to your life, add life to Years" by helping severely ill people at organisations such as CIPLA, a palliative healthcare centre. Initiatives for awareness such as Thalassemia awareness, Breast cancer awareness, etc. have been conducted regularly through ISR.


ISR teach has been consistently conducting coaching classes for students of primary and secondary high school. A group of highly motivated students work tirelessly to help these school students excel in their academics.


With initiatives such as Green Ganesh, tree plantation drives, SCIT ISR students have learned the best way to contribute positively and give back to the environment.

Community Outreach

SCIT ISR students have travelled to the various orphanges and old age homes around Pune area.


SCIT ISR has been constantly contributing towards the upliftment of various under-privileged sections of the society across various demographics. With its initiatives, ISR believes that each community has to be sensitized for the empowerment, capacity building, and social transformation of the marginalized.

Go Green

Aims to promote the spirit of ‘Greener business, healthier bottom line’ which focuses on the awareness among corporates regarding Green IT.