Research Papers

1) Title: A Study of Social Media Usage in Rural Development Schemes of Government of India
Authors: Aditi Kothari, Akash Banerjee, Preeti Mohanty, Rakhi Yadav, Tarun Sisodia(Students of 3rd semester MBA-ITBM)
Status: Research paper completed and invited for an International Conference, Bhubaneshwar.

2) Title: Digital Marketing and Its Usefulness to the Indian Government
Author: Arushi Mathur, 3rd semester MBA (ITBM), SCIT.
Status: Paper published.

3) Title: Educating Customers About Digital Wallet
Authors: Amal Nair, Naman Gupta, Manisha Dahiya, Rachna Yadav, Richa Mehta (Students of 3rd semester MBA-ITBM).
Status: Paper published.

4) Title: Application of Internet of Things in Healthcare Sector for Bottom of Pyramid in India
Authors: Alok Deshpande (alumnus SCIT, SAP Advisory Services, KPMG, Mumbai, India), Aviral Mathur (3rd semester MBA - ITBM, SCIT), Saravan Krishnamurthy (Assistant Professor, SCIT).
Status: Paper published.

5) Title: Case Study – 'Waste Management- Pune Behind the Curtains'.
Authors: Rishika Taneja, Rohan Chitambare; 1st semester MBA (ITBM), SCIT.
Status: Paper accepted for publish.

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